Previous Presentations – With Associated Recordings and Corresponding Materials

Below is an inventory of our past presentations and many have links to corresponding recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials.

May 16, 2023, in-person `Living With Hearing Loss` by Margaret Myatt.

We learned quite a few things from Margaret, VP of HLAA Downeast Chapter, and Debra Bare-Rogers of Disability Rights Maine  during this 1 hour session. Handouts for various resources were made available at this meeting.

The slideshow is here and a bullet list summary is below.

Thanks to the Louis T Graves Memorial Public Library of Kennebunkport, ME, for providing space for this session.

Summary of slides (#32) :

  • title + flier for this meeting;
    • greeting and how to participate in this meeting;
    • about Margaret;
    • what is hearing? Simple ear diagram + amplitude aka loudness + frequency aka pitch;
    • effects of hearing loss (2 slides) include major disruptions of what others are saying;
    • simply amplifying sounds does not help (2 slides) and can make it worse;
    • five things to do if you have hearing loss:
  1. get assessed;
  2. use technology;
  3. self advocate;
  4. don’t hide it from yourself or others;
  5. know that support is available from others in the same hearing boat;
  • example of a blank audiogram, with placement of common sounds shown by icons and the letters of the alphabet;
    • examples of actual audiograms showing current hearing loss status;
    • hearing aids are programmable to improve hearing and reduce background noise;
    • hearing aid technology is amazing due to recent advances;
    • examples of styles for hearing aids;
    • checklist for buying hearing aids;
    • what to ask regarding OTC (Over-the-Counter) hearing aids;
    • Maine requires insurers to cover much of the cost of hearing aids;
    • examples of some typical assistive listening systems such as Bluetooth;
    • smartphone apps;
    • captioned landline phones are available for free;
    • Maine Relay Services can be obtained via Disability Rights Maine;
    • theaters provide various methods assistance – 2 examples in Portland were mentioned;
    • personal safety devices are available;
    • the Red Cross will install fire alarms, etc. (fyi link on slide redirects to here);
    • behaivoral modifications are things you and those you listen to can do to improve how you hear;
    • contact info for four places where you can get help for hearing issues;
    • contact info for HLAA Downeast Chapter, which began in March 2023;
    • many folks – including those without hearing loss – can benefit from things that improve communication;
    • ** conclusion: get assessed + use technology + self advocate + be honest + support is available **;
    • more contact info;
    • Q&A period;
    • reminder that the brain can make mistakes while trying to fill in missing info of any kind.

April 13, 2023, online G-Meet. `Cochlear Implant Candidacy and Support` presented by Carla White, AuD.

Topics included:

  • what is a cochlear implant (c.i.) and its history,
  • how to determine whether this hearing technology will help you, and
  • how to get support if you get a c.i. (e.g., SayWhatClub).

The important takeaway is that a cochlear implant is a treatment rather than a cure, and getting a c.i. is a journey (often 6 months per ear) which differs for everyone.

Several questions came up about other things such as Bluetooth connections and where to get fire alarms/doorbells/etc. Check with Disability Rights Maine or diglo for those.

Carla will provide a link to her PowerPoint presentation in the near future.

We used G-Meet to try out a different method of interacting with folks online. This is very similar to Zoom. Due to limitations in Google’s free version, this meeting was not recorded. We are investigating getting a $ version of G-Meet for the future.

February 9, 2023 – Zoom meeting.  ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hearing Aids’ presented by Larry Medwetsky, Ph.D.

December 15, 2022 – In-person meeting, Ellsworth, Maine.  ‘Strategies For Dealing With the Holidays’ presented by Pat Dobbs.

December 8, 2022 – Zoom meeting.  ‘Understanding Your Audiogram’ presented by Brad Ingrao.

October 6, 2022 – In-person meeting, Ellsworth, Maine.  Open forum about living with hearing loss chaired by  Pat Dobbs.

September 29, 2022Zoom meeting.  2022 HLAA Convention highlights presented by Margaret Myatt

June 17, 2022In-person meeting, Ellsworth, Maine. Introductions and open discussion chaired by Pat Dobbs.

May 26, 2022Zoom meeting.  Introductions and open discussion chaired by Pat Dobbs. Well attended considering this was our very first public meeting.