Audiograms, Improved Hearing Possibilities – What We Learned From Brad Ingrao on Dec 8, 2022.

We had a marvelous Zoom meeting last Thursday with about a dozen hard-of-hearing folks from all over Maine. We were from South Portland, Deer Isle, Dixmont, Kennebunkport, etc.  Even though we were far away geographically, we came together because of technology. The attendees had at least two things in common: living in Maine and living as hard-of-hearing people.

Thank you to Pat Dobbs, our chapter’s President, for enlisting our guest presenter Brad Ingrao, AuD, – an accomplished Audiologist. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped, and a Master’s and Clinical Doctoral Degrees in Audiology.

Brad gave us a gift – an amazing presentation on how to understand our audiograms. He went beyond the typical audiogram & hearing tests to show us how audiologists can improve our hearing ability dramatically (e.g. from 20% to 50% ). Thank you Brad! We were enthralled by the plethora of information you presented. So much to learn and our VP dares say, we all felt elevated by our new understanding. Now we know how to ask for the best diagnostics from our audiologists. We can use this knowledge to learn more, and to advocate for ourselves & others.

Follow this link to Brad’s Powerpoint presentation, in PDF format. 

Thank you Brad, and thank you attendees.  And for folks reading this? Please attend a future online/hybrid/in-person meeting sponsored by HLAA Down East Chapter in Maine.

A subsequent meeting is in the works for February of 2023. WATCH THIS SPACE! Meanwhile: happy holidays, merry Christmas, enjoy Kwanzaa, etc., and have a wonderful New Year.