April 13, 2023 – Online Google-Meet. `Cochlear Implant Candidacy and Support` presented by Carla White, AuD.

Topics included:

  • what is a cochlear implant (c.i.) and its history,
  • how to determine whether this hearing technology will help you, and
  • how to get support if you get a c.i. (e.g., SayWhatClub).

The important takeaway is that a cochlear implant is a treatment rather than a cure, and getting a c.i. is a journey (often 6 months per ear) which differs for everyone.
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Several questions came up about other things such as Bluetooth connections and where to get fire alarms/doorbells/etc. Check with Disability Rights Maine or diglo for those.

Carla will provide a link to her PowerPoint presentation in the near future.

We used G-Meet to try out a different method of interacting with folks online. This is very similar to Zoom.  Due to limitations in Google’s free version, this meeting was not recorded. We are investigating getting a $ version of G-Meet for the future.