Next Online Meeting June 8, 2023, at 7:00 pm EDT. Challenges, Questions, and Successes with Hearing Loss

Our Hearing Loss Challenges, Questions, and Successes.

Q&A Anyone can attend online. Captions will be provided.

Pat Dobbs, President of our Chapter, will be leading this meeting.

Do you have questions, answers to inquiries, or success stories about living with hearing loss? Have you encountered challenging situations due to the hearing loss of yourself or others?

For this meeting we will use the advice and expertise of us – the people with hearing loss. This is your opportunity to ask questions and to share your experiences with the folks of the HLAA Downeast Chapter in Maine, USA.

Examples of questions can be:
• What to do in a noisy restaurant or noisy party?
• Should I let people know I have a hearing loss – with my friends or business?
• Is there a smoke detector or alarm that I’ll be able to hear at night?
• What is Auditory Fatigue, i.e., why do I get so tired when I have to do a lot of listening?
• What to do when we ask people to look at us when they talk and they forget?
• Why do audiologists sometimes ask us to bring a friend or relative to speak the test words at various distances?
• Have you noticed issues with your balance, e.g., going down stairs?

For more information, contact Pat Dobbs via .

RSVP optional. Sending us questions prior to this meeting will increase our ability to answer them.

Link to be determined; probably via G-Meet or Zoom.