And We Had Another Delightful Luncheon Gathering – This One In Deer Isle, Nov. 11th, 2023

Yes! Our HLAA DownEast Chapter had another small gathering on November 11th in Deer Isle after our small gathering on November 4th in South Portland. 

We all know that good things come in small packages, and these were very good packages, er…. gatherings.

In Deer Isle, three people visited Pat in her lovely Deer Isle home.  There was a new person from Sullivan, ME which is a drive!  She learned about the meeting because Pat put up a poster in a nearby YMCA!  Thank you Pat.

We are moving around the state and trying to find you.

We want hearing loss Mainers to get together no matter where we are!

And we can Zoom together too. Yup.

We are reaching out to each other.  Let’s keep reaching!